Friday, 10 April 2015

#DEAR - Drop Everything And Read Sale at #FSFNet

Drop Everything And Read... Why?
because there is a certain magic in books... a power to open your mind up to different times and different places... sometimes even different worlds or planets or spaces.
Books can transport you from your every day menial activities, from the humdrum of normal life to something unexpected, divergent and satisfying.
Stories can teach, inspire and empower... or they can give comfort, security and refuge.
You can be anything you ever dreamed... but unlike a dream you are likely to remember it. If you don't, even better... read it afresh and enjoy it all over again.

Here are some books you might fancy feasting on when you suddenly decide to Drop Everything And Read... They are all 99c or lower this weekend so you may want to pick up a few.

Recommended by the Fantasy Sci-Fi Network... but here's the deal... that magic in books... it takes two halves to create... the first half comes from the author who believes in their story enough to write the words into the form of a book... the second part of the magic only happens when someone reads those spellbinding words... then the book comes alive.

So Drop Everything And Read one or more of these great titles and watch the magic happen... Click here for links to each one.

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