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New Release Historically-Inspired Epic Fantasy ~ Blood of the Water (Arts Reborn: Book II)

If you enjoy a bit of ancient history, epic tales of war and intrigue, a unique magic system in a fantasy world and engaging characters that make you believe then Jamie Maltman has what you are looking for with his newest offering from the Arts Reborn series. This Fantasy Sci-Fi Network author released his latest volume, Blood of the Water, on August 24th 2014.






Fire returned in a blaze of war and destruction.
What will Water bring to the one who finds her?

A slave dreams of freedom for all.
An aristocratic soldier yearns for power.
A sculptress covets revenge.
But the painter she loves urges her to use her Talent for peace.

When those aims collide, new friends join in the desperate race through foreign lands and ancient ruins to uncover knowledge of the mysterious Damoz. What do they want? Can they be stopped?
Blood of the Water (Arts Reborn: Book II) continues the journey of Simon, Elysia and Persei that began in Brush With Darkness.

The ARTS REBORN series follows the return of opposing forces of artistic creation and elemental destruction to the Republic of Pazh, a world where echoes of ancient Greece and Rome mix with the fantastical.

What fans are already saying about the Arts Reborn series...

"The world is vivid, the characters strong, and the magic fresh and exhilarating: a highly recommended work of fantasy, and I'm looking forward to reading the sequel." 5 Stars.
"the kind of epic fantasy tale that is its own sort of magic, and it's engrossing and inspiring to read." 5 Stars.
"A well written piece, and well worth the read." 5 Stars

 An Excerpt to give you a little taste...
Glebric’s hands shook as he pointed. “Do you see it?” He was so close to his triumph.

“Those rocks?” Ventus asked. He turned to the captain of his small ship, used mainly for traveling between the islands. “The boy says those rocks over there.”

The captain looked surprised. “I’ve been through here a thousand times, and I’ve never seen those rocks.”

“Most intriguing,” Ventus said. “You have done well, boy.” He lowered his voice and leaned in to Glebric. “They will be pleased with your discovery. Maybe even enough to set you free.”

Glebric’s eyes gleamed in the starry night. To make sure the tide was right, he’d tried for the same time as last night’s trip. “And my mother?”

Ventus’ lip curled in amusement. “Not that pleased.”

The ship couldn’t get too near the rocks, so two of Ventus’ guards rowed them to the rocky doorway.

“Watch your step,” Glebric said.

Ventus reached out his arm for a guard to assist him, and gingerly stepped onto the rocks.

“You two, tie up the boat and stay here. I’ll call to you if I need anything. If you don’t hear from me in thirty minutes, come in and kill the boy.”

Glebric fought the urge to grin. This one had it coming. He listened carefully, but so far, no whisper.

Ventus lit an oil lamp. The flickering light made his narrow face look even longer, more forbidding. Glebric hated that face, and what it represented.

Mother, you will never have to touch that greasy hair again.

“Lead on, boy.”

The pools of water on the floor seemed bigger this time. Or maybe it was just the different light. And the tunnel seemed somehow… alive. Glebric held his head high, not wanting the Pazian to call him a coward.

Down, down, down they walked with splashing steps. Ventus was breathing heavily behind him.

“This had better be good, boy.”

It had been easy to convince Ventus to examine the grotto. Explaining what had happened to Xelos, and the disappearance of Simon and Elysia… that had been much harder. Ventus had been very angry. All this since Glebric’s last monthly report? But news of the grotto had settled Ventus down, and they’d left that very night to investigate.

“We’re here.” The corridor opened up in front of Glebric, and he stood to the side so Ventus could see.

The middle-aged Pazian’s eyes opened in wonder as he took in the grotto, culminating in an exultant smile when he saw the altar.

Altar. Not table. But how to get him to touch it? How do I even know that’s what I need to do? But Glebric knew.

Words leaped into his mouth. “Did I tell you… if you touch it, it glows!”

“You did not. This is an incredible find, Glebric! Well done!”

“Is it a place of great power?”

Ventus’ eyes narrowed. “That is not for you to ask. But… perhaps I should test it.”

“Shouldn’t you leave that for your superiors?”

Glebric winced under Ventus’ withering glare.

“I will say what is appropriate for my investigation.” Ventus was at the altar in a few long strides, with Glebric following close behind.

After a furtive glance back at Glebric, Ventus touched the altar with his right hand. A glow radiated out from the contact, a greenish-blue that made Glebric think of the sea.

Ventus grunted with delight.

“Hold this, boy.” He handed Glebric the lamp. He rubbed both hands together and placed them on the altar. The coral glowed brighter this time, lighting up the room.

“Mmmm….” Ventus moaned with pleasure.

He didn’t see Glebric draw the knife from his sleeve.

“How does it feel?” Glebric asked. “To pay for your crimes?” He tried to slash Ventus’ throat, but his hand shook so violently that he only nicked him. Ventus’ head lolled to the side, eyes rolling back in rapture. A few drops of blood dripped out, collecting in the basin in the top of the altar.

Glebric stepped back, dropping the knife from shaking hands.

The basin was filling up. But not with blood, with a metallic liquid seeping out from the stone, shimmering as the level rose.

“Give him to me!” came the voice.

Glebric grabbed Ventus by the hair and dunked his head into the liquid. There was no struggle as the face went under, just streams of bubbles escaping with every breath, slower and slower until they ceased entirely and the body went limp.
What have I done? Glebric stood transfixed, unable to will his legs to flee.

The pool rippled once, twice, beginning to swirl around the head. The streak of red disappeared into the dominant silver, and the entire pool gleamed in the ghostly light from the altar.

The liquid began to drain. But not down into some unseen space below, no, it was pouring in through the mouth and the nostrils. Into Ventus.

Ventus’ lips moved, but it was a different voice that rushed forth. “Thank you, Glebric. I accept your sacrifice.”

“What is happening?” Glebric backed off, holding the lamp before him to ward off this strange apparition. “This is impossible!”

Ventus stood up. His expression was now calm, even serene. The liquid was gone without a trace, and there was no trace of his wound.

Glebric shook his head in disbelief.

“We will do great things together.”

“Who are you?”

“Not who, what. Look at your hands.”

Bluish-green water oozed out from his skin, puddling in his palms. He rubbed his fingers rapidly, trying to shake it off, but he felt something very different… like liquid power. For the first time in his life, he felt strong. The sensation was intoxicating.

“I will teach you to control it. Power, Glebric. That is my second gift to you. Power to do whatever you want. But first… let’s go find your mother.”

Book I from the Arts Reborn Series... 

It started with a simple dream for Simon: join the legions, escape a life of mediocrity, and bring respect to the family name. A border incursion by restive Scentari barbarians looked like that opportunity for an artist turned soldier to transcend his roots, and fight for the glory of the Pazian Republic. Or so it seemed.

The return of dark magic, thought to be the stuff of myth and legend, turns a simple mission into a brutal slaughter, and Simon must warn the Senate of the unimaginable defeat. But a mysterious sculptress shows him that his buried creativity may be their only hope against an ancient foe that poses the greatest threat the Republic has ever seen.

Simon must explore this Talent while navigating a treacherous maelstrom of political intrigue and shifting allegiances, torn between ambition and curiosity, duty and love.

About the Author... 

Jamie Maltman writes historically-inspired fantasy, and as an avid reader is a co-host on the weekly To Be Read Podcast, where they discuss what they're reading and other reading-related topics.

Besides his Arts Reborn series, he also has a story featured in Beyond The Gate: Stories from the World of the Dream Engine, a free anthology of short stories released in November 2014, set in the steampunkish world created by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant.
(Note: the high majority of stories are PG-13 or lower, including Jamie's, but there is a section at the end containing a few with content warnings.)

When Jamie isn't reading or writing, he's probably enjoying time at his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada with his wife and two young sons, playing some kind of board or computer game, or watching basketball or Doctor Who.

More from Jamie Maltman 






Amazon Author Page:

Where to purchase


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The Religion, Rage & w(R)iting Blog Tour

Today, I have been asked to host a very special surprise blog tour brought to you by 4WillsPublishing.

Hi, and welcome to The Religion, Rage & w(R)iting Blog Tour for Authors, Shirley-Harris Slaughter, Rhani D’Chae and Harmony Kent. (Click on each author’s name to be taken directly to their Author Page at 4WillsPublishing, where you can learn more about them).

Rhani D’Chae
Harmony Kent

These three authors are wonderful clients of 4WillsPublishing, a publishing House dedicated to helping authors put out the best written, and marketing products for their literary work, possible.
This tour is a surprise tour, which means the authors knew nothing about it until it started!  This is our gift to them to show our appreciation of their work, their dedication to putting out the great written word, and also a big THANK YOU for allowing us to showcase and promote them.
This is a 3 Author/7 Day/40 Blog Tour!  Yes, for 7 days, The Religion, Rage & w(R)iting Blog Tour will sit on 40 blogs!  And for 7 days, on 40 blogs, you will get a tiny tid-bit of something related to Religion, so that you never forget OUR LADY OF VICTORY, the rage of people, such as that displayed in SHADOWOF THE DRILL, and w(R)iting tips to help you POLISH YOUR PROSE! (Click on each book title to find out more about it)

This will be a fun tour, an inspirational tour, a delightful tour which has been designed to enlighten you, entertain you and help you overcome those feelings which bind us daily and keeps us from growing from point A to point B.  Each day as you stop by each blog to find out what bit of inspiration is being shared, we ask that you take the time to leave a comment for the authors, visit their blogs, Follow them on Twitter and FB, and last but not least, please PICK UP A COPY OF THEIR BOOKS!  They are all 5 star reads!  And this tour wouldn’t be complete, if you didn’t check out The Religion, Rage & w(R)iting Book Trailer!  (Please note:  these bits and quotes were not taken from the author’s books). 
Before we forget, we’ve included another of our authors, Nonnie Jules.  Although she’s a partner in our firm, she is STILL one of our clients!  Her books, THE GOOD MOMMIES’ GUIDE TORAISING (ALMOST) PERFECT DAUGHTERS, Daydream’s Daughter, Nightmare’sFriend and Sugarcoatin’ Is For Candy & Pacifyin’ Is For Kids! are also very interesting and entertaining reads!

On this stop, we want you to dwell on this:
​If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time or the tools to write.  Simple as that. ~ Stephen King

Thank you for joining us on this stop of our tour.  We are grateful to our host for allowing us to share with this audience and we hope that we have left you wanting more!  To follow this tour, please visit the 4WillsPublishing EVENTS page for the complete tour line-up and to also register to win a SURPRISE pack of books as well as a stint on WHO’S ON THE SHELF WITH NONNIE JULES!  Now, on to the next stop!!!!

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Blog Tour - The Chronicler Welcomes Harmony Kent

Today I am honoured to be able to welcome fellow Rave Reviews Book Club member Harmony Kent to my blog for a brief stop and get to know you session... or at least get to know her latest work, Polish Your Prose which is well worth the looking if you happen to be editing your own book.

Hi there! Thanks for joining me on my awesome fourteen-day blog tour with 4Wills Publishing and my fantastic host for today! You can find details of my other stops here: 4Wills Author Page

I published my first book, THE BATTLE FOR BRISINGAMEN, in May 2013. I soon followed this up with the award winning mystery/thriller THE GLADE in November 2013, and my first Young Adult fiction book, ELEMENTAL EARTH, in July 2014.

Today, I am promoting my latest work, POLISH YOUR PROSE. This is my first non-fiction book, and is a powerful new guide that gives essential editing tips for authors.

Lots of books have been written on the art of writing, and here—at last—is a guide that will teach you the essential techniques of editing your own book. This will help you turn a promising manuscript into a published novel. And, it does this without the jargon. You don’t need to know all the grammatical terms in order to make use of this book. You don’t need to know the definition of a split infinitive, a comma splice, or a ‘to be’ verb, as this manual explains these in detail in easy to understand terms, and a lively and engaging style.
Chapters on Passive Writing, Tense, Point of View, Dialogue, and other techniques take you through the same processes an editor would go through to polish and perfect your manuscript. Good writing is nothing without good editing. Learn the secrets of good editing and writing with this essential author reference, which offers so much more for so much less.

As well as being an award-winning author, I am an accomplished editor and proofreader. My passion is helping Indie Authors to successfully achieve their goals and dreams.

Excerpt from the foreword, written by Rave Reviews Book Club’s very own Nonnie Jules!

POLISH YOUR PROSE has a chapter on just about every writing issue imaginable!  Confused about 1st, 2nd and 3rd person? It’s in there!  Past & Present tense got you stumped? It’s in there! Singles and Plurals throwing you for a loop? There’s a chapter on those, too!  Harmony covers it all.
There’s never a replacement for having your written work professionally edited, but you can always make the job easier on your editor and maybe even a bit less costly for your pocketbook if you begin the job yourself.  Following the rules outlined in POLISH YOUR PROSE is just what you need to get on the right road to producing your best work ever!
I highly recommend this book to writers who are just entering the field, as well as those veterans who might just need a brush-up.  Rules do change, you know.  There’s no need to be in the dark anymore about what’s right and what’s wrong with your writing.  Harmony has summed it all up for you in a pretty little package she calls, POLISH YOUR PROSE!”

You can pick up your copy of POLISH YOUR PROSE here:

Links for my other books:

You will also find me in the soon-to-be-released Rave Reviews Book Club Anthology: RAVE SOUP FOR THE WRITER’S SOUL, and the All Authors Magazine Anthology: CONCORDANT VIBRANCY.

I’m also on twitter: @harmony_kent

Thanks for stopping by!

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New Release Regency Romance - The Curate's Brother ~ a variation of Jane Austin's Persuasion

Wendy Van Camp is one of Fantasy Sci-Fi Network's science fiction and fantasy writers but she is in no way limited to those genres. A lover of Jane Austen novels, her latest work 'The Curate's Brother'  is a variation of Persuasion, a character study between two brothers during a summer in 1806 as they both have summer romances. Released on the 23rd of October 2014, The Curate's Brother could act as a prequel to the famed 1817 novel.



 The Curate’s Brother is a short story about the relationship between the two Wentworth brothers as seen through the eyes of EDWARD WENTWORTH. It follows their romantic antics over one summer in 1806. This short story could be seen as a prequel to Jane Austen’s famous novel “Persuasion”.

Edward Wentworth lives a quiet, structured life as a curate in the regency era village of Monkford. He spends his days ministering to the sick and downhearted, which he considers his life’s calling. His comfortable life is shaken when his elder brother, COMMANDER FREDERICK WENTWORTH arrives on his doorstep for a visit. Frederick has returned to England after seeing action and commanding his first vessel, a prize ship won in the West Indies. He is awaiting orders and has the hope of commanding a ship of his own by the end of summer. His only goal is to pass the time with the only family he has left in England until his next assignment.

At first Edward is glad to see his brother. They have not spent time with each other for years due to his brother’s naval service. They are opposites in many ways. Frederick is bold and likes to take risks. Edward is shy and over-aware of social implications. When his brother flirts with SALLY MARSHALL, an outgoing beauty that Edward is used to viewing as “a child”, the young curate becomes aware that his viewpoint of Sally is sorely outdated. His peaceful life is full of turmoil as he observes Sally flirting with men at public assemblies and realizes that he does not like it.

Meanwhile, Frederick finds himself a celebrity in Monkford. Word from the London papers paint him as “the Hero of San Domingo”, where he won a commendation for his quick thinking in action. The men want to hear the story of his exploits, but Frederick would rather dance with the ladies. The Commander takes an interest in shy wallflower, ANNE ELLIOT. He pays no heed to Edward’s warnings that the girl is the daughter of a baronet and well above his station. Edward fears that no good will come of a union between his brother and the girl due to her family connections.

At the end of summer, a letter and a package arrive that will change everything for the two brothers. Which way will prevail, the bold action of the commander or the quiet manners of the curate?


What fans are already saying about this Austen variation...

"It has been awhile since I read any Austen, but this story made me want to immediately revisit my old favorites!" 5 Stars.
"Good short story. Nice character development but would like to know more about these characters. I would recommend this book to friends and family." 5 Stars.

 An Excerpt to feed your curiosity...
Stepping out into the soft morning sunshine the following Sunday, Edward found his accustomed place to one side of the doorway of the Monkford church. His Vicar took the other.  A mother and father followed by four children were the first to depart.  The father stopping for a moment with the Vicar to chat for a moment before the family set off to walk home.  This was his first day at church since his brother arrived.  That Frederick wanted to come to service and see what he did for his living, pleased Edward.

“Good day, Mr. Wentworth.” The voice was soft, feminine and familiar.

“Thank you for the biscuits, Miss Marshall.  It was kind of you to bring them to the cottage.”

The girl blushed, the ringlets of her hair giving a pleasant bounce as she dipped her head. Was this the young girls that brought biscuits to his doorstep or help organize the contents of the poor box after services? That memory did not fit the girl standing before him now, wearing an adult frock and a bonnet to protect her complexion.  He found the juxtaposition of Sally the child and the adult clothing of the newly come out Miss Marshall to be disconcerting.

Miss Marshall’s attention shifted and her eyes grew wide.  Edward noticed his brother, wearing ill-fitting cast offs from the church in place of his naval uniform, had come to join him.  He was giving Miss Marshall a casual grin that warred with his feral appraisal that swept over her form.  The girl’s eyelashes fluttered and she blushed. Edward felt a wave of discomfort start in his gut and flow to his chest.

“Would you do the honor of introducing me to your fair companion?”

Miss Marshall looked at Edward with expectation and a flash of excitement.  He prevented himself from grimacing. “Miss Sally Marshall, may I introduce my brother, Commander Frederick Wentworth of his Majesty’s Royal Navy.  Frederick, this is Miss Marshall, the daughter of the village apothecary.” Sally gave a polite curtsy to his brother’s bow and the introduction became complete.

More families streamed through the open double doors of the church, filling the narrow porch.  Sally dimpled and said, “Welcome to Monkford, Commander.  Will you be staying long with us?’

“As long as the admiralty allows, Miss Marshall.  I am awaiting reassignment.”

Miss Marshall’s smile diminished, but she rallied. “Mr. Wentworth, you simply must bring your brother to the assembly next week.”

“You have not mentioned an assembly, Edward.”  There was a good natured prodding in Frederick’s voice.

He faced his brother. “I am sure that I would have in time.”  Turning back to Sally, “We will both attend, Miss Marshall, you can be certain.”

The girl gave a clap of her gloved hands and this time her winsome smile included both men.  “What delightful news.  I look forward to telling Papa.” More people were crowding the narrow entry. The girl gave a quick curtsy to the brothers and continued down the steps where her family was waiting.

“What an amiable girl.  You have been holding out on me, Edward.  I wonder what other delights Monkford will hold.”

“Frederick, Miss Marshall is a respectable girl and the daughter of a friend.  If you intend to ruin this girl’s reputation…”  A hand from his seafaring brother on his shoulder stopped him.

“I am returning to sea soon enough. I have no intention of starting a complication here.  Come, greet your parish.  Say no more.”  Edward studied his brother’s face and saw no guile there.  He relaxed. One after another, the people exited the church, pausing either with himself or with the Vicar across the way. 

There did not seem to be a preference by the people of Monkford between the elder Vicar and the Curate.  Though Edward was a scant two and twenty years of age, he was as respected as the Vicar. At least, until the baronet’s family from Kellynch Hall exited the church.

Sir Walter Elliot wore a puce frock coat and appeared well groomed, to the point that his coiffure would be the envy of women.  His silver headed cane gleamed in the morning light. An elegant woman of similar age followed along with two young women. The first girl had elaborate braids, perfect skin, and a dress of the finest cut and quality.  The other was pale, exhibiting fragility. She wore the sprig muslin of an innocent.  Sir Walter never stopped to speak to Edward, a mere curate.  He would only acknowledge the Vicar when he and his family came to church.

He heard a catch of breath behind him.  “Who is that beautiful creature, Edward?”

Edward glanced back to learn who his brother was speaking of and realized he was looking at the baronet’s daughters.  “Miss Elliot is the belle of Somersetshire.  She is Sir Walter Elliot’s eldest daughter.  Reputed to be the heiress of quite a fortune.”  There was much speculation about whom Miss Elliot would settle on.  Perhaps a man of wealth and title would be able to tempt the golden haired beauty.  Sir Walter was in excellent health and while Miss Elliot was quite eligible, neither father nor daughter was in a hurry to find a match.

“No, no, not the fancy one.  The one behind her with the brown hair, the lady’s companion? Pretty little thing she is.”

“That is no companion. Miss Anne Elliot is Sir Walter’s second daughter.”

“She is like a pocket spite, you could just scoop her up and put her in your…”

“Frederick, please.  There are people about.”

 Across the way, Anne Elliot had noticed his brother’s regard.  Her pale face colored a becoming pink and she looked away. 

“Such a shy one.  It might be fun to draw her out.”

“Frederick, did you not pay heed?  She is the daughter of a baronet. Come to your senses man.”  While their father had been wealthy enough to buy Frederick’s commission in the navy and to sponsor Edward an education at Cambridge, they were of the merchant class, no match in status for someone of the peerage.

His brother followed the girl’s progress down the steps as Sir Walter led his party to the carriage that waited at the end of the lane.  “Brother, you will learn that sometimes risk has its reward.” Anne Elliot entered the carriage and a footman closed the door.  His brother turned from the girl and gave Edward his full attention. "Why are you convinced that I have come to cause your doom? Do you think so little of me?”

Edward deflated.  “No.  I suppose I keep thinking of you as the twelve year old scamp that insisted he was for the sea until father gave in to your desires.  I do not know the man that has come back to England.  At least, not yet.”

“Fair enough.  We need a shakedown cruise to clear the decks between us.”  Frederick moved behind Edward to allow more of the parishioners to exit the church. “I hope that we both prove to each other’s satisfaction.”


Wendy Van Camp's inspiration behind the short story...
"Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors and she is the inspiration for my amazon ebook, The Curate's Brother.  I love all her books, but Persuasion is my favorite.  After reading every novel that Jane Austen had written, I started to read fanfiction based on Austen’s novels. Eventually, ideas for a story of my own developed.  Letters from the Sea was my Nanowrimo novel in 2011, but I was never happy with it and I set it aside for two years.  The only part of the book I liked was the first chapter of the book where Edward Wentworth viewed his brother’s romance from afar.  This single chapter became the bud that bloomed into The Curate’s Brother.  The original chapter was only around 4 thousand words long.  After running it by two of my critique groups, I was given enough input to do a complete rewrite of the story.  It is now around 14 thousand words in length and details summer romances by both Edward and Frederick Wentworth.  It is more a character study of the young curate than a true formula romance, and can serve as a prequel to Austen's novel Persuasion.

When I write, I start with a character concept and then use a unique outline formula that I’ve developed from several writing systems as my outline of plot points.  I don’t always base the events of what happens in the story on the formula; it is more to keep my character arcs on track.  I write about people first.  I develop their backgrounds, their connections and views. This is what creates the plot.  Sometimes it feels like the characters are telling me what to write as if they are old friends directing me to write their stories. This certainly was the case with The Curate's Brother.  Edward Wentworth took over the story from his brother Frederick and became the anchor of the tale.  In the end, I believe that this makes the story more interesting."

 About the Author...

Wendy Van Camp is the writer behind the blog No Wasted Ink. She has published memoir shorts in literary magazines, writes non-fiction articles for various art and literature magazines and is a volunteer coordinator for Nanowrimo. Wendy makes her home in Southern California with her husband. She enjoys travel, bicycling, gourmet cooking and gemology.

More from Wendy Van Camp

Amazon Author Page:

Where to purchase

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Meet Natasha Brown - Author of YA Paranormal Romance Series 'The Shapshifter Chronicles'

Busy mother of two, Natasha Brown is anything but just a writer. Taking time when she can to write the conclusion to 'The Shapeshifter Chronicles', you may find Natasha hiding out in the back of her car or locked away in her room. However, when she is not hard at work on her projects she is most likely to be hanging out with her fave peeps... her family. Natasha tells us about her writing routine, her difficulties with working on the final book in her series and her love for history and myths...

Natasha was born in Nevada City, California. Being an only child, she resorted to using her imagination while exploring the forest surrounding her home (a nasty habit she hasn't been able to break). Her natural interest in fantasy ignited when her parents read The Hobbit to her as a youth, and from then on anything seemed possible. Once awarded with a Hershey's bar 'the size of a Buick' in her high school English class for creative writing, her passion and interest in literature has never dimmed.
She now lives in Littleton, Colorado with her husband, two children, and two dogs.

Hi Natasha, I'm so pleased you could join me. I hear you keep yourself very busy, what is it that you do with yourself?
I am an elementary school teacher’s assistant and I’m also a very busy book cover designer as well. I absolutely love ALL of my jobs, but I do wish I had more time in the day to do more writing. As it is, I write during the weekend and strive to hit my 3k word count to ensure I produce books quickly enough for my fans.

If only there were more hours in the day... hohum... So what are you working on right now?
I’m writing the fourth book in The Shapeshifter Chronicles now, which I expect is the conclusion for the series. I may write more in the world I created, but for now I’m ending the storyline for Chance and Ana, my protagonists. I am wracking my brain to make sure every little question is answered and I’m conscious about ensuring that my readers will feel satisfied with the ending. A lot is riding on my shoulders and I don’t want to disappoint my fan base. 

Good for you! The end of a series is so important. What is your writing routine then?
Every weekend I take time out to write. I have to write in silence, without distractions from kids, music or television. I usually wind up in my bedroom with the door shut, although I take advantage of quiet moments. For instance, today I wrote in the backseat of my car while my daughter was at a birthday party. 

Haha! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who writes in the car while waiting on kids! What do you do when you find yourself with writers block?
I talk with my husband. When I feel stuck in the plot I feel the need to explore characters and what needs to happen next in the story. I find this is far more important now that I’m writing the last book in my series. The need to connect everything so it makes sense is challenging, and this is the best way I’ve found to resolve issues. Talking it out seems to work for me. 

It is great to have someone to bounce ideas off. Have you used any real events or places as inspiration for your writing? 
I absolutely LOVE researching history and myths. When I find something that fits into my storyline I get so excited. There are many cultural myths, periods in history and real places that I bring into The Shapeshifter Chronicles series. I hope that my excitement over these elements translate and can be felt in the books.
I love that you do that. What song would you choose as the theme song of your book?
I recently heard the song, FixYou by Coldplay and felt it fit perfectly with my most recent release, Emergent.
That song has fantastic lyrics! Who would you choose to read your audiobook?
I’m very excited because I recently hired a voice actor to record, Fledgling: The Shapeshifter Chronicles, Book 1. It should be completed in the next couple weeks on Audible or Amazon.

What do you enjoy doing when you’re not writing?
I enjoy hanging out with my family; going to the movies, snuggling up on the couch after a long day and playing games.

Do you prefer ebook or hardcopy?
Ebook is so much easier to prep for release, make changes to or update as necessary.

It sure is. 
You can be any fictional character for one day. Who would you be? 
I may love fantasy, but I also love historical romance. I mean the classics. I would probably want to see what it was like to be Anne Elliot from Jane Austen’s, Persuasion. 

Who doesn't love a classic? I so need to tee you up with this weeks New Release from Wendy Van Camp who has written a prequel to Persuasion... more about that, later this week.

Thanks Natasha, It's been great getting to know you and your books better. 
Natasha's 'The Shapeshifter Chronicles' books are available through Amazon and Barnes and Noble... see links below.

·      Genre:  Young Adult Paranormal Romance
·      Synopsis:

When eighteen-year-old Chance Morgan kills another shapeshifter to save his girlfriend, Ana Hughes, he contracts a dangerous shapeshifting sickness that makes him crave power uncontrollably—and without restraint he’s a threat to the person he loves most. Desperate to keep Ana safe from harm and to find a cure for himself, he abandons her in the Yucatan and escapes into the wilderness. Violent memories and voices surface in his head, creating a dangerous tug-of-war between good and evil.

Companionless and alone, Ana meets a woman who claims to have the same shapeshifting and healing abilities as her and vows to teach Ana the skills to help Chance, but as weeks pass she begins to question if her new mentor truly intends to keep her promise.

With time running out, Ana must find the power within herself to heal Chance before he loses his battle against the powerful voices inside his head.

·      Publish date: June 15th 2014


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