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New Release Fantasy Romance ~ The Huntress: The Beginnings

The awesome thing about being apart of a great club like Fantasy Sci-Fi Network is the array of authors I get to work with from all over the globe. This weeks new release author is no different. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Nadja Losbohm is new to FSFNet but is far from a new author. Her book The Beginnings is the first in the huntress series (of so far 4 books) that has been translated into English.


Ada Pearce is an average young woman. She is 5’4” tall, overweight, and doesn’t play sports of any kind. Shortly after her 21st birthday a mysterious priest informs her of her destiny as a huntress. Ada doesn’t believe that story at first, but when she finds out that creatures of the night threaten the human population, she accepts her destiny, gives up her former life, and moves into the secret rooms of St. Mary’s Church, which had been built hundreds of years ago, and begins her training.

In flashbacks, the protagonist herself tells her story, beginning with her first meeting with the enigmatic and unapproachable priest, through her first year of training and her secret life, to the problems she encounters on her first hunt, and the issues which crop up when a priest and a woman live together…

What readers are saying about The Huntress...
"It is the most unique “vampire” novel I have ever read."

 "Ada Pearce is a likeable character, who creates the necessary connection between fantasy and tension with a lot of self-irony and wit."

"This book is a mixture of "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer" and "Interview with the Vampire" - and yet again completely different. "

 An excerpt to get you started...

I had barely been out for fifteen minutes before I saw the first monster in an alley. There was something on the ground in front of it, and judging by the sound, it was someone suffocating. Furious with myself for having arrived too late, I screamed. Had I left out dessert, I would have made it on time, I thought bitterly.
The monster turned towards me. When it realized who I was, it roared at me before a surge of foul reeking breath hit me. Oh man! Why can’t these things smell more like vanilla or strawberries, for example? Mm … strawberries. Yummy! I would love—concentrate now, Ada!
I pulled my sword from under my coat and grinned diabolically at the beast.
“Your last hour has come,” I shouted.
Actually, I didn’t know if these beasts understood what I said and never really found out if they did in all the years I’d fought them. In fact, I didn’t care and still enjoyed making fun of them. Besides, I liked thinking aloud. It kind of reassured me and calmed me down. I have to admit that I still get scared sometimes while walking the streets at night. A casual remark, every now and then, helped me get over my nervousness.
The monster roared again before it jumped over the dying man and ran away. Before I went after it, I checked the person lying there. It was a young man; he couldn’t have been older than twenty-five. I couldn’t do anything for him anymore.
I ran through the alley after the monster. It turned left and then right, crossing an empty square before it turned between two houses. It was damn fast and I was starting to get a side ache, but I wasn’t done yet. My anger at those beasts drove me and gave me strength. I followed it relentlessly until I suddenly found myself standing in an old factory hall. There was hardly any light and everything looked gray. The glass on the windows was broken and old machines stood in the corners. There were remnants of all kinds of things on the floor. I pulled the flashlight I always carried with me and looked around the hall. “Come out, come out, little monster,” I whispered. My eyes darted across the shadows in the hall anxiously, trying to find my enemy. There was nothing down there, so I looked up. There it was, hanging onto a steel beam like a bat.
It let go so suddenly that I’d barely had time to get out of the way. The ground under my feet shook as it hit the floor. It roared at me before I inhaled its foul breath. Even if it hadn’t done anything else, I had to kill it just for that!
All at once, it jumped at me. I rolled away from under it just in time. That was close. I got up quickly and pulled myself together. That thing stood there lurking and waiting. I did the same. Suddenly, it took a run and came right at me. I started running towards it too, holding my sword up in the air; I rammed it into the beast with a loud scream before I heard one of my favorite sounds: that of a dying monster. Then it slumped on top of me. Great!
Disgusted, I pushed the heap of a monster off me. It fell on the floor with a loud splat. I lay there for a moment, taking a breather, but the eerie atmosphere in the factory hall had me up on my feet soon enough. I got my sword back, pulled a cloth out of my pocket, and cleaned it before I called the Padre and told him where to send the cleanup team. I stifled his anxious words crudely. I wanted to get on with my round and not waste any more time on pointless rambling.
It wasn’t long before I came across the next monster. This one didn’t take that long; I was really grateful that it spared me all the running around and decided to attack me right away. It was a short process and the cleanup team had yet another job to do… except, the night was far from over. I found three more creatures later on. The last in line was the worst. Maybe because I was exhausted by then. Fatigue crept over me and my concentration was waning.

I ran down the street. The glow of dawn was slowly breaking above the rooftops. There was a wonderful play of colors that started off with yellow before it turned into pink and purple then finally blended with the remnants of the nocturnal blue. Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! I ran like mad through the backyards and felt something running down my arm. I immediately knew it was blood. My blood.
That damn beast must have had a go at me with its claws. That’s another scar. Great! I already had a notable assortment of those. Almost every type of monster had left a mark on me, except the vampires, and I really had no intention of getting too close to those.
Racing through town, I felt like I was running in place. The church wasn’t yet within sight. “Please, please, please!” I begged and looked over my shoulder. Panic overcame me after I realized that the monster had caught up with me and was getting ever closer. Shit! Why was I so slow today? I ran through an empty intersection. The traffic lights were on orange, like every night after a certain hour. I turned around the corner at the Chinese restaurant where red paper lanterns hung down golden tassels and colorful plastic flowers sat on the windowsills. I zigzagged hoping to shake the monster off, but it was no use. It was still on my tail. Desperate, I whispered Father Michael’s name and tried to imagine what he’d say to spur me on and make me run faster. But then I saw the church tower. The cross on top looked down at me. Thank God!
I gathered every bit of strength I had and raced down the alley towards the church. I ran, winding my way around the trees. I heard the monster panting behind me. I couldn’t see it, but it sounded like it just dashed through beds of flowers. In the corner of my eye, I saw rose bushes and soil flying about. People would probably think that a bunch of drunkards were on a rampage again. Then I saw Father Michael. He was standing on the stairs in front of the church door. His dark silhouette paced restlessly back and forth. The lanterns’ yellow light cast a black shadow on the walls of the church.
I was so glad to see him I started crying. That’s not a good idea, Ada! The tears obscured my vision. I blinked a few times, but the tears in my eyes just wouldn’t stop coming. I called Father Michael’s name and saw how he turned abruptly. His cassock fluttered. How long had he been waiting there for me?
I couldn’t wait to reach him and be inside the safe haven of the church walls. My feet weren’t quick enough and I stumbled. I tripped over the curb. I thrashed around with my arms before I fell down flat on my face. I felt my hands and knees scraping the asphalt as I heard Father Michael shouting. I struggled back up on my feet and looked at the church. The Father came running towards me across the square. “Where’s the sword?” he shouted.
I automatically reached to my side but there was nothing. Damn! I must have dropped it as I fell. I looked around and saw it a few meters away. Just as I wanted to run and get it, the Father pushed me aside and grabbed it. I watched the scene with big, wide eyes. My heart almost stopped when I saw the monster getting ready to jump. The Father stood there calmly. He looked like a statue holding a sword and waiting for the right moment to use it. The monster took off and pounced at him. One of the two screamed but I couldn’t tell who. The only thing I could clearly discern was the Father standing right under the monster, which was hovering over him. Father Michael’s arm swung up before the sword slashed the monster’s belly open. The Father turned and whirled around before he finally settled on his knees behind the dead monster.
Mesmerized, I glared at him. I had never seen anyone move like that. He was as gracious and supple as a dancer, yet as precise and relentless as a machine that had only one purpose: to kill.
I couldn’t take my eyes off him as I walked towards him. He took my breath away. He looked like a knight on his knees before his king, offering his sword in allegiance.
“That was … incredible!” I murmured, looking back and forth at him and then the dead monster.
Father Michael raised his head and looked at me, but didn’t really see me. His eyes were distant, almost veiled. He seemed to be in some kind of trance. He blinked before the veil fell off.
“Yeah, really incredible!” he repeated sarcastically. He got up. “What the hell was the matter with you?” he said, snapping at me. He came towards me and stood right in front of my face. He was so furious, he panted and breathed quickly. I felt every breath of his on my skin.
He scared me and I started to stutter. When he started swearing, I knew he was really, really mad.
“You’re hurt,” he interrupted as his tone of voice suddenly mellowed. He grabbed my arm roughly to check the injury. Feeling the pain, I took a strong, deep breath.
“I’m sorry,” he said gently, his eyes softening. “You go on ahead. I’ll be right with you and see to your wounds. I just need to take care of this here,” he said, pointing at the dead monster.

Fun fact about Nadja's writing...

"I don’t eat green vegetables. If there’s something green on my plate I don’t touch the meal! I gave Ada, the huntress, the same strange quirk."

About the Author...

Nadja Losbohm was born on December 14th, 1982 and lives in Berlin, Germany. Her first fantasy novel "Alaspis - The search for eternity" (German edition available only) was published in 2012. Since then she has published the popular series of fantasy romance books "The Huntress". In German there are parts 1-4 available (ebook and paperback). "The Huntress - The Beginnings" is the first part of the series and the first English book Nadja Losbohm has published.
Currently she is working on the 5th part of the "The Huntress" series of books.
Nadja loves writing, reading, music, movies, photography and travelling. Her favorite authors are Karen Marie Moning, J. R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, Robin LaFevers, Simon Beckett and Cody MacFadyen.

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