Thursday, 22 May 2014

Fantasy Anyone?

 Fantasy unlocks the gates of impossibility and meshes the dream world with reality. Leaving us a world we recognise, where anything can happen.

Are you a lover of fantasy?
Does a good sci-fi take you beyond this realm and open up your mind to a world of possibilities?
Perhaps you're someone who has casual encounters with the genre... you know the between book that gives your mind an escape from reality... just for a while.

Well this is your lucky day!
Today, that is Friday the 23rd of May, is Fantasy Sci-Fi Network's 99c Friday.
You heard me... 99c
Wet your appetite and delve into books from a variety of brilliant Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors from around the globe.

Pick up your next read while the price is still hot and let us take you on a trip to a world beyond our own, another dimension in time or space, an alternate reality or perhaps a galaxy outside the one we know... anything can happen and probably will... what are you waiting for?

As the Crow Flies, by Robin Lythgoe,
Thread Slivers, by Leeland Artra,
Dragon Fate, by J.D. Hallowell,
Thrusts of Justice, by Matt Youngmark,
Elven Jewel, by Kasper Beaumont,
Hunters' Quest, by Kasper Beaumont,
The Count of the Living Death, by Joshua Grasso,
Awakening, by Raymond Bolton,
Calastan, by Cheryllynn Dyess,
Resolution, by Cheryllynn Dyess,
The Stream, by A. R. Silverberry (aka Peter Adler),
The Enemy Within, by Lynette White,
The Necklace of Goddess Athena, by Effrosyni Moschoudi,
Journey of Destiny, by Leisl Kaberry,
Necromancers' Pride, by Charles David Carpenter,
The Emperor's Edge Collection (Books 1, 2, and 3), by Lindsay Buroker,
The Lotus Effect, by Bridget Ladd,
Bloodline, by Katie Thornton-K,

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