Friday, 18 April 2014

Open Connection Interview with Sarah Komadina : Part A

Courtesy of CFTK TV

Last December I had the opportunity to drive to Terrace, which is a 45 minute drive from my home town, for an interview on CFTK TV's Open Connection with Sarah Komadina.
Turned out to be a great day to go... it hadn't snowed in a few weeks, so when did it decide to start? The morning I was heading to our neighbouring town. 
Now you need to understand the way its snows up here... we live in a rainforest and boy can it rain! Not so much that heavy downpour kind of rain but just a constant pitter patter for days on end. Now when the temperature sits around the 0 degree mark that precipitation tends to hit as snow (a logical conclusion perhaps) and it can pack a punch when it does, building up to a foot of snow in a few short hours.
The drive to Terrace is an ordinarily beautiful trip amongst tall green pines shooting up into the sky. Add a layer of white to the whole scene and it becomes picturesque although sometimes slippery and can be quite dangerous at some winding parts.
So when it began to snow on the morning of my interview, I became a little bit nervous... I mean, its one thing to make it up there but if the snow was to ensue, the drive back could become mighty treacherous. I had already had to postpone my interview the day before for a Christmas concert at my kids school and there was no guarantee the following day would be any better. I decided to chance it, driving my husbands 4WD for extra security. Thankfully the road wasn't too bad, although I had to drive with care and I made it in time... running into the CFTK TV studios protecting my book with my body, my freshly straitened hair getting wet from snow.
I was welcomed by a smiling Sarah Komadina who was warm and friendly making me feel at ease straight away.

A big breath to calm down, 
forget about the snow and whether or not I will struggle to make it back... 
just be glad heavy snow fall doesn't cause the schools to close or I'd be in trouble.

Seated at a round table with Sarah, drinking water from an Open Connection mug and having a few laughs, I began to ease up and ready myself for the interview.
After we were done filming, we took a few pics with Sarah and awesome Producer Robert Pictou  before I made the trek back. 
Thankfully the snow, while a little heavier was not too bad and I managed to make it back into town safely. A good day, albeit snowy.
The next day there was a good couple of feet of snow when we got up in the morning. I got the kids off to the bus alright and then had to pick them up an hour later from school... seems snow doesn't stop school... but a lack of power from a power cut in the area does. Phew! good thing my interview was the day before.

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