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Meet Author M.P McVey

It's been a bit quiet on the new release front but the many amazing authors at Fantasy Sci-Fi Network continue to lose sleep as they attempt to get their newest works out into the public's hands. I know, I'm one of them. yawn*
The new release pool has not completely dried up though and Author M.P McVey is a shinning example of this. His debut book hit the shelves (digital and otherwise) in February and is well worth a looking.  Combining science fiction and fantasy elements, McVey takes the reader deep into the Earth's centre to reveal an elephant on an endless march; slowly, slowly turning the world.

M.P. McVey

At the center of earth exists Temelephas. Created as an insensitive automaton, he is chained to his wooden wheel, ever turning our world. Never to feel, never to remember ... he was made to only walk. Earth is ravaged by a storm the likes of which humanity's meteorologists have never seen, leaving nothing but questions. Cities are left in rubble and people like Edward and Lily begin to put their lives back together, all while afraid of the storm's possible resurgence. Destruction lays in wait for Earth and its inhabitants, and there is nothing they can do. It is left to a sole Watcher--those that guard over all in creation, sent on a fool's errand to save the earth, humanity, and most likely the universe. "Walk, walk, walk, through the darkness he would stomp; his feet pounding his life into the earth."

What readers are already saying...

"McVey not only presents us with a fabulous tale, but he makes us question the nature of stories themselves."
"Very good read! Hard to put down." 

An excerpt to give you a small taste...

The center of Earth shook and rumbled with the sounds of creaking wood and grinding metal, tumbling through the dark. The din swept through caverns, accompanied by the boom, boom, boom of steady, heavy steps.
It would have driven any man crazy, this racket that crept through the darkness, but it was comforting to the one who had to listen. It was a noise he had always known, a sound that was born with him. He was the reason for the noise.
     For all time he had walked his circle; his large, gray feet beating a pattern into the dirt. Round and round he went, his weight pushing the large, wooden wheel to which he was bound. He groaned from time to time … long, soulful bellows from his wrinkled trunk.
     His ancient head swayed with the thudding beat of his steps, his long immortal ears hanging tiredly at his sides. He would walk until the end of time. He didn’t want to, but he was compelled to. It was his purpose … and without purpose, what would be left?
     So he walked.
     He could feel their eyes upon him, those that watched him, those that kept him in this existence … those who gave him purpose. Their stares penetrated the thick hide of his neck, burrowed into his spine and peeked in to his brain, listening in on his every thought. That’s how they watched him, how they knew when he was unhappy.
     They were in his mind every second of forever, and he came to expect their presence there. After a while he lost track of his Watchers all together, as if they were just another part of him. Life would not have been the same without them.
     The Watchers always knew that, sooner or later, the great elephant called Temelephas would work through whatever unhappiness it was that settled in his large heart. After all, he had been walking since the beginning of everything and knew of nothing to which he could compare his sorrow.
     Walk, walk, walk, through the darkness he would stomp; his feet pounding his life into the earth. Around he went, his sweaty, tangled hair fl owing down around his neck. “Round and round she goes, where she stops … nobody knows.”

My personal review... 

Plod On, Sleepless Giant is a captivating fantasy with a loveable host of characters that feel real and engaging; from interesting little people called minikins who help in the running of the inner world to Temelephas an elephant with the most vital and important job of all. While written within the realms of our own world, the author offers a different narrative to it's organisation and creation and in addition how it is turned on its axis... by an elephant at its centre, who'd have thought!? For me the story started a little slow but once Temelephas missed an all important step in his eternal tread it all started happening and hooked me right in. I could barely put the book down. With a couple of stories above ground with seemingly ordinary people and one or two happening below it is hard to imagine how it will all come together to make one complete story... but it does... in quite an unexpected way. This is a great first book from Author M.P McVey.  

Fun fact about the book from McVey...

The main idea for 'Plod On, Sleepless Giant' came to me in a dream. In the dream, I was walking through dark caverns, hearing the far off thundering of heavy footsteps. In my mind I knew I was in the middle of the earth.
     Though the noise scared me, curiosity drove me closer and closer to the noise. And there, in the center of the earth, I found an ancient elephant chained to a wheel. He was so huge and old, he seemed to have been chiseled out of a large block of granite, his skin was so craggy.
     I knew that he was why the earth turned ... No one had to tell me, it was just inherent knowledge at that point. Then he stopped his walk, and the groaning of his wooden wheel ceased ... Then the earth around us quaked and grumbled, and I knew the world had stopped.
     I immediately wrote the idea down, just the main idea. I had to be quick about it, because the idea was becoming more and more vague in my mind ... Like a shadowy figure running to the back of my brain.

About the Author...

M.P. McVey was born Michael Patrick McVey in Fort Hood, Texas. Being a military family, the McVeys bounced around a lot, even doing a three year stint in Germany. He now lives in Columbus, Ohio with his supportive and patient girlfriend, Laura. They have a one-eyed cat named Stanley and an ornery kitten called Gandalf, the mostly gray. He creates worlds filled with magic and intrigue, drawing upon the city and people that surround him for inspiration. All that he accomplishes in his life is due to the support he finds from friends, and family.

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